Akron Municipal Court

Credit Card Payment
Jim Laria
Clerk of Courts

Crimnal Case No: 1209118

To make a payment online, you must pay the total amount of all charges* for all counts of this case as shown:

*If a bond was posted on this case, please call the Clerk of Courts Office at 330-375-2570 for information on the status of the bond.

Your payment will be credited in the Court's records within fifteen minutes of approval. However, it can take up to a week for payments to be credited at the BMV or other institutions.

To pay these charges now, submit your credit card information below. The information goes directly to our payment pocessor, Skipjack. (Credit card information never resides on the Court's computers).

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Credit Card Information
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*Expiration Date / ( mm / yy )

Card Holder Billing Information
*Name Name entered must match name on credit card.
*Street Address Address <i><b>must</b></i> match billing address for credit card.
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Receipt Information
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